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Connect with Your Buyers: DISCOVER Questions® in Action

Become the ONE seller buyers actually WANT to talk to. Based on the book named one of "The Top 20 Most Highly Rated Sales Books of All Time." We've updated all our training materials, incorporated new research with buyers, and kept the best from 2013 when this bestseller and course first debuted. Thousands have used the original content and reported transformations in their sales results and in their professional and personal lives, too. Now you can get the best of the old AND new in this high-impact course!

This LIVE course is led by author and Sales Hall of Famer Deb Calvert. Open Enrollment format means you'll learn from sellers across other industries and levels, too.
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Join Deb Calvert for this intensive training experience

Live, Instructor-Led Workshop. Highly Interactive.
Coaching + Job Aids + Materials = Sales Impact! 

Dates for the next live workshop series:

February 15-March 22, 2023
Class meets Wednesdays from 11:00-12:30 central time

What's included?

  • Research with buyers
  • Feedback on assignments
  • Certificate course
  • 1:1 coaching session, 1 hour
  • Role play, skills practice live
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Autographed book           (U.S. participants only)
  • 6 workshops, 9 hours total

Connect with Your Buyers

Create value and lasting connections by shifting from diagnostic to dialogic needs discovery. Ask high-yield questions that build trust, gain micro-commitments, and provide a compelling customer experience. 

Differentiate Yourself

Set yourself apart and make yourself memorable. When buyers see you as the ONE seller they look forward to talking with, you'll have a competitive advantage that's hard to beat. Learn to stand out from the very first call. 

Essential Skills for Modern Selling 

Buyers have changed. Selling has changed. Have you? Discounted prices, hustling, and persistence aren't enough anymore. Find out - directly from buyers - what it takes to earn their trust and get their business. 

What You'll Learn in This Course:
(6 workshops, Coaching & Interim Assignments)

You'll see selling in a whole new light when you master the art of asking quality questions! Sales improve when the experiences you give buyers is buyer-focused, informed by high-value information, and aligned with what buyers want from sellers. In this course, we'll cover:

  • What buyers want from sellers & how to differentiate yourself from the negative stereotypes about selling
  • How to construct quality questions that build rapport, trust, and buy-in from buyers
  • Common mistakes in the discovery process and how to avoid them
  • The DISCOVER Questions® research and framework for asking purposeful questions that yield high-value information
  • How to shift from diagnostic needs assessment to dialogic discovery with your buyers
  • Ways to use questions in all phases of the sales process and to improve relationships with buyers, colleagues & others

Accelerate sales and master the art of asking quality questions!

Meet the instructor

Deb Calvert

Coaching and personalized assignments from Deb, the author of DISCOVER Questions® Get You Connected. Deb is a charter inductee into the Sales Hall of Fame and has been named one of the 65 Most Influential Women in Business. As a buyer-side researcher, she can bring you fresh insights. As a certified coach, she can help you pinpoint precisely what you should work on to boost your sales effectiveness and get improved sales results.  
Patrick Jones - Course author