effective communication in healthy organizations (ECHO)

Become a Better Listener!

ECHO = Effective Communication in Healthy Organizations. The ECHO Assessment will identify your listening habits and help you understand the habits others use in listening. 
Research shows definitive links between improved communication and stronger business results. Make yourself and your organization more effective by learning about listening habits.
Coaching helps you extract the highlights from your assessment and select action items for quick wins.
Learn about your own listening habits and ways you can become a more effective communicator. This course includes a highly interactive 3-hour workshop, the ECHO assessment, and a one-hour 1:1 coaching session to help you create an action plan for improved communication.

June 6, 2023
1:00-4:00 central time

What's included?

  • Online assessment
  • Personalized report
  • 3-hour workshop
  • 1:1 coaching
  • Action plan for next steps

Assessment & Profile Report

After you complete your online assessment, a report with your ECHO Listening Profile will be generated. You'll receive this during the 3-hour workshop that explains different habits for listening. 

1-Hour Coaching Session

Meet 1:1 with a certified executive coach and ECHO practitioner to discuss your listening habits and get additional support in overcoming your listening and communication challenges. 


Take your listening to the next level
and amp up your communication skills