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The 3E Achievers Club

Ennoblement: To make one feel worthy & important.

Engagement: Emotionally connecting with others.

Entelechy: Turning potential into reality.

This club is for anyone who wants it all: ennoblement, engagement, entelechy... the keys to unleashing your own + others + the team's potential for unparalleled growth and achievement.

Members receive unlimited access to everything available in People First Leadership Academy. That includes:

+ All the live, recorded, and eLearning courses

+ A 1:1 coaching session every 3rd month of membership

+ One assessment tool per quarter: MBTI, ECHO, EISA, TKI.

+ Exclusive members-only content each month

+ Free attendance at special events & virtual conferences

+ Community interaction across all 3 learning tracks (Leadership/Management, Sales Productivity, and Personal Effectiveness). 

This track is for accelerated and eager learners, L&D and HR professionals, and anyone who wants to put PEOPLE first as they pursue their personal and professional goals.
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The 3E Achievers Club

You'll get everything on the site now... everything added monthly to the site... and personalized assessments, coaching, and community interaction, too.

Invest in yourself, your team, and your organization. Unleash the potential and put PEOPLE first to dramatically accelerate growth and engagement.