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The Continual Growth Club

For everyone who understands the value of ongoing self-development. This is where you can discover and unleash your own hidden potential.

Members receive unlimited access to everything available in the Personal Effectiveness track of People First Leadership Academy. New content is added every month, and your membership covers it all! You'll also get:

+ A 1:1 coaching session every 6th month of membership

+ Interactive, small group coaching on select topics that are suggested by community members (ex: imposter syndrome, assertiveness, surviving in a toxic environment)

+ An EISA (emotional intelligence) assessment in month 5 of your membership

+ a 25% discount on content offered in the other learning tracks at People First Leadership Academy (Leadership/Management and Sales Productivity)

+ Community interaction with like-minded people around the world who are ready to take themselves to the next level
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The Continual Growth Club

What do you need to overcome your current challenges and prepare for the next ones? This membership club gives you access to tools, insights, courses, coaching, and a community that will help you through it all. Your confidence, assertiveness, emotional intelligence, self-awareness, presence, soft skills, and ability to get things done will be life-changing and liberating.