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The People First Sellers Club

For sales professionals who want to succeed by putting PEOPLE first.

 Members receive unlimited access to everything available in the sales track of People First Leadership Academy. New content is added every month, and your membership covers it all! You'll also get:

+ A 1:1 coaching session every 3rd month of membership

+ An ECHO Listening Assessment for improved communication with buyers in month 5 of membership

+ Exclusive, members-only content w/new additions every month

+ Free attendance at our special events & virtual sales conferences

 + A 25% discount on content offered in the other learning tracks at People First Leadership Academy

+ Community interaction with other sellers and sales managers around the world.

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The People First Sellers Club

No more wondering whether or not sales is right for you. You'll make it right by making yourself the seller you really want to be... one who operates with integrity and authenticity, who succeeds by putting PEOPLE first, and who feels good at the end of the day because your successes were also big wins for your buyers.

Join the People First Sellers Club to get the tools you need, the mindset you're missing, and the skills for putting it all together.