Where Does Confidence Come From?

If you're lacking confidence, you're probably looking inward, thinking it's about a lack of self-esteem or experience. Not so fast! There's something else that's probably lacking, and it's…. Drum roll, please….

Clarity. We're all more confident when we've got clarity about where we're going, what we're doing, how to do it, and why it matters. Without clarity, you can't have full confidence. And without complete confidence, it's not entirely fair to demand competencies like "managerial courage." To build confidence and ignite courage, start by creating clarity.

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Deb Calvert is a researcher, author, speaker and instructor specializing in boosting clarity, confidence and courage for leaders and teams. She founded People First Productivity Solutions in 2005 and People First Leadership Academy in 2021. Deb's newest book, DISCOVER Questions® for Connections, Clarity & Control, also provides insights on this topic.
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