Why & How to Invite
Critical Feedback

No one truly loves receiving feedback, especially not critical feedback. No matter how much we need it or how much we benefit from it, feedback stings. That's one reason why so many folks hold back when it's time for giving feedback, too.

We’re going to make it easier to give and receive feedback. In fact, we're going to encourage you to start inviting feedback... asking for it and graciously doing something with it. When you do, look out! The transformation you'll see around you is going to be remarkable.

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Deb Calvert is a researcher, author, speaker and instructor specializing in boosting clarity, confidence and courage for leaders and teams. She founded People First Productivity Solutions in 2005 and People First Leadership Academy in 2021. Deb's newest book, DISCOVER Questions® for Connections, Clarity & Control, also provides insights on this topic.
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