Within 7 days, you'll get your report and a 1:1 coaching session

ECHO Listening Assessment & Coaching

ECHO = Effective Communication in Healthy Organizations.
When you understand your own and others' listening habits, you'll communicate more clearly & effectively.
Coaching helps you extract the highlights from your assessment and select action items for quick wins.
Learn about your own listening habits and ways you can become a more effective communicator. Assessment + 1-hour coaching.

What's included?

  • Online assessment
  • Personalized report
  • Mini-training on ECHO
  • 1:1 coaching
  • Steps for getting started

Assessment & Profile Report

After you complete your online assessment, a report with your ECHO Listening Profile will be generated. You'll receive this during your 1:1 coaching session, and it will be a valuable resource for you long-term. 

1-Hour Coaching Session

Meet 1:1 with a certified executive coach and ECHO practitioner to learn about ECHO and listening habits. Coaching will help you develop an action plan for using your listening habits more effectively.