Within 7 days, you'll receive your assessment and coaching session

Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment & Coaching Session

Learn about yourself and ways to improve your social and emotional connections.
Reliable, validated self-assessment with 5 dimensions of emotional intelligence
Online assessment + a 1-hour debrief and coaching call on next steps for developing your personal effectiveness.

What's included?

  • Online self-assessment
  • 9-page personalized report
  • 1-hour coaching call
  • Suggested action items
  • 7-day max turnaround!

The Assessment

The EISA is designed to help you maximize your personal effectiveness by identifying which emotional and social skills you rely on most and which ones may need additional development. 

The Coaching

 Certified executive coach will guide you through your report and help you identify next steps for improving in the areas of your greatest need. Coaching is confidential and focuses on YOU and your needs only.