Getting Things Done through
Influence vs. Authority

When you have a title or position of authority, you can boss people around + micromanage + issue orders. It's a command-and-control approach to getting things done. But that style only gets you so far... people don't like to be managed with an iron fist.

A better alternative, one that doesn't require authority, is a heart-and-soul approach. When you develop skills for influencing others, you can:

  • Ask instead of tell... and get positive responses from people who WANT to be engaged.
  • Tap into others' intrinsic motivation, a powerful force that unleashes lots of effort and results.
  • Trust that others will continue as planned, even when you're not looking over their shoulders.
  • Ennoble others so they'll share their input and ideas for reaching your goals together.
  • Collaborate without the constraints of positional power.

No matter what your rank on the org chart is, influence can help you be more effective in working with others.

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Deb Calvert is a researcher, author, speaker and instructor specializing in boosting clarity, confidence and courage for leaders and teams. She founded People First Productivity Solutions in 2005 and People First Leadership Academy in 2021. Deb's newest book, DISCOVER Questions® for Connections, Clarity & Control, also provides insights on this topic.