Managers: Make Your
Job & Your Life Easier

All too often, managers get dinged on the employee engagement survey for things like "managerial effectiveness." These managers don't know what they're doing wrong, how to fix it, or why there's a problem. They focus on what they know, like frontline functional skills. If they pursue solutions, it's in non-threatening courses like time management for managers.

The gaps are usually in the basics. Supervisory skills and leadership development seem too basic or too abstract. Those kinds of classes will be long and hard. So managers opt out and suffer the consequences (along with everyone who reports to them). We’ll cut to the chase and show managers how to genuinely make their jobs (and lives!) easier.
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Deb Calvert is a researcher, author, speaker and instructor specializing in boosting clarity, confidence and courage for leaders and teams. She founded People First Productivity Solutions in 2005 and People First Leadership Academy in 2021. Deb's newest book, DISCOVER Questions® for Connections, Clarity & Control, also provides insights on this topic.
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