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Essentials of Personal Effectiveness

13-part series with new content each week. Use the time in between to practice what you've learned. In 13 weeks, you'll be more effective professionally and personally. Ideal for emerging leaders, folks who feel "stalled out" in their career, and those who want to be their very best in the workplace. 
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What's included?

  • Ten 15-30 minute videos
  • Five quick-read eBooks
  • Bonus resources & tools
  • Challenge assignments
  • Optional assessment (paid)

Snack-Size Lessons that Pack a Lot into Just a Little Time

It's micro-learning that gives you time to try on one new skill or idea each week. This is a personal course, all about you and designed to stretch you just a little bit at a time.  

Building Blocks for Stepping into Your Full Potential 

The content you receive is sequenced so each piece builds on the ones before it. You'll be gaining both competence and confidence as you progress through the series.
This one's all about YOU!

Key Topics in This Unique Course

Using Your Voice, Confidence, Assertiveness

Communicating Effectively, EI, Soft Skills

Knowing & Showing Your 
Own Unique Strengths

Demonstrating Gravitas, Presence, and Composure

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