12-Part virtual training workshop

Workplace Conversations

You have two jobs! Simultaneously, you need to manage work AND lead people. Workplace Conversations is the course that helps you connect the dots and be more effective by putting PEOPLE first. This is a certificate program, and you'll receive coaching along with live instructor-led, virtual sessions. 

This open-enrollment workshop will be capped at 18 participants. You'll complete interim assignments, and you'll receive instructor feedback and two 1:1 coaching sessions. 
Unleash your leadership potential!

You Will Learn How to:

Get your message across to others

Build communication, candor & critical thinking skills to handle any supervisory situation

Get work done through others

Set expectations, give feedback, delegate work, and coach for others' development 

Develop others even in tricky situations

Manage change, resolve conflict and motivate others to unleash their potential, too

Step into your full potential

Increase you personal effectiveness, credibility, trust and leadership presence.
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july 23 - august 29
Tues & Thurs
11am-12:30pm central 

Meet the instructor

Deb Calvert

Deb Calvert is the founder of People First Productivity Solutions and the instructional designer for People First Leadership Academy courses. Deb and PFPS have been building organizational strength by putting PEOPLE first since 2005. Deb has been named one of the "65 Most Influential Women in Business" by Treeline and is a charter member in the Sales Hall of Fame. Her bestselling books, BrightTALK and YouTube Channels, award-winning blogs, and workshops have helped thousands of people like you who want to become better leaders, stronger contributors, and generally more effective (both professionally and personally!).  
Patrick Jones - Course author