The Leadership Challenge® LIVE

  • Led by Deb Calvert
  • Course: 3 weeks
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Course overview

The Leadership Challenge® gives leaders at every level the tools and practices needed for driving results and achieving goals. Participants receive a 360-degree assessment, participant workbook and materials, extensive class time that's highly interactive and fun, 1-to-1 coaching, and ongoing engagement with the cohort attending this open enrollment course. 
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  • Live class time: 18 hours
  • 1:1 coaching: 2 hours
  • Interim Assignments: est. 3 hours
  • 360 Assessment: 2 hours
  • Practical application: for a lifetime!

What's included?

  • 9 interactive workshops
  • Personalized coaching
  • 360 feedback (LPI®)
  • Community engagement
  • Workbook & materials
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Reinforcement check-ins

Unleash your potential as a leader  (at ANY level)

Using 360-degree feedback, individual coaching, workshop learnings, and guided activities, you will identify where you excel as a leader and where you have unrealized potential and opportunities as a leader. You'll also discover new ways to show up as a leader and succeed in engaging others.  

Learn about the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®

 Using this time-tested, evidence-based framework, you'll discover how to Model the Way, Inspire a Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, and Encourage the Heart. You'll create an action plan to apply the Five Practices so that you can make the difference you want to make.
overview of The Leadership Challenge® Framework

What are The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®?

the Way

You'll work to clarify your values, find your voice, and affirm shared values in your organization. You'll also discover ways to set the example by consistently aligning your actions with your values.

Inspire a
Shared Vision

You'll learn how to envision the future by imagining exciting and ennobling possibilities and how to enlist others in a common vision by appealing to shared aspirations that unite you.

the Process

You'll get comfortable with searching for opportunities, seizing the initiative, and looking outward for ways to improve. You'll also start experimenting, taking risks, generating small wins, and learning rapidly from experience.

Enable Others
to Act

You'll develop new ways to foster collaboration by building trust and facilitating relationships plus ways to strengthen others by increasing their self-determination, competence & confidence.

the Heart

You'll find opportunities to recognize contributions by showing appreciation for individual excellence. You'll celebrate the values and victories by creating a spirit of community to engage and uplift others.

What is the LPI® or Leadership Practices Inventory® 360-degree assessment? 

This is a simple and transformational tool that measures how frequently you exhibit the behaviors that are collectively known as The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®. This assessment invites feedback from your manager, co-workers, direct reports and others so that you'll get a full-circle view of how you're showing up as a leader. With these powerful insights. you'll better understand your strengths and your potential for development. 
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What's the coaching all about? 

Meet the instructor and coach

Deb Calvert

Deb will be your trainer and your coach. But the most important thing to know is that the instruction and 1:1 coaching is all about YOU. The course will be customized to meet the needs of you and your cohort. The coaching will be fully focused on you, what your LPI feedback says, and what you want to accomplish as you unlock your full potential as a leader. 

Deb is a Certified Master of The Leadership Challenge®. She's also an ICF-certified coach who has coached over 500 executives and leaders at every level. She'll make this comfortable for you, and you'll get high value from each coaching session. 

Coaching is confidential, and Deb abides by the ICF's strict code of ethics for professional coaching. You'll have access to Deb's calendar to pick times that are convenient for you. All coaching is conducted by phone or Zoom meeting (your choice!). 
Patrick Jones - Course author
Details, Details...

Logistics & Important Info


9 workshops, Mon-Weds-Fri, July 8-26, 2024

These are live, highly interactive workshops. Attendance at all sessions is required to earn a Certificate.


Workshops: 10:00am-noon central time each session

Coaching: scheduled in advance for 1 hour between April 11-16 and 1 hour as we close the series by May 15. 


Participants will receive a Zoom meeting link. All workshops will be in Zoom, with cameras on for all participants. Breakout activities and LOTS of interaction for everyone.


If you have any questions about this special, live learning experience, email Deb Calvert 1 month before start date at 
Act now!

Only 18 participants per cohort!
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Enrollment deadline:

To allow ample time for your observers to give you quality feedback on your 360-degree assessment, enrollment for this course will close June 14, 2024. There is also a maximum enrollment of 18 participants. Secure your seat before they're all sold out! Once you've enrolled, you'll receive instructions for completing your LPI and calendar invitations for each of the workshops. Your workbook and participant materials will be mailed directly to you.  

Seats fill Fast!

Enroll early to secure your seats in the public workshop dates you prefer. First come, first serve!

All programs meet Mon-Weds-Fri in 3 consecutive weeks, 9 workshops total, from 10-noon central time. 

Next cohort: Oct 21-Nov 8, 2024

Deadline for enrollment is 
June 14. 

Quarterly in 2024: Dates

Jan 22-Feb 9; April 8-26;
July 9-26; Oct 21-Nov 8

Seats are limited!

Only 18 participants per session so these workshops remain interactive and personalized. Book directly in advance!