Within 7 days, you'll get your report and a 1:1 coaching session

TKI Conflict Mode Assessment & Coaching

There are 5 modes for conflict. Learn which one(s) you tend to rely on and which you could learn to use more often. 
When you understand your own and others' tendencies during conflict, you can adapt to be more effective.
Understanding the 5 modes of conflict will also help you be a better negotiator! 
Learn about your own conflict mode(s) to be more effective in conflict and when negotiating. Assessment + coaching is available at any time (with or without workshop attendance)

What's included?

  • Online assessment
  • Personalized report
  • Coaching session 1:1
  • Optional live webinar
  • Steps for getting started

Assessment & Profile Report

After you complete your online assessment, a report with your TKI Conflict Mode and tendencies will be generated. You'll receive this prior to coaching, and it will be a valuable long-term resource for you.

1:1 Coaching Session

Conducted by a certified executive coach and Kilmann Diagnostics practitioner. Discuss ways you can adapt your conflict style to more effectively resolve conflict and negotiate with others.